Cuyahoga County Mayors Endorse Joe Schiavoni for Governor

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CUYAHOGA COUNTY – Today, four Cuyahoga County mayors announced their endorsement of Senator Joe Schiavoni for Ohio Governor. These mayors include:

  • Michael Dylan Brennan – Mayor of University Heights
  • Trevor Elkins – Mayor of Newburgh Heights
  • Katie Gallagher – Mayor of Brooklyn
  • Stan Koci – Mayor of Bedford

“Conventional wisdom is the recipe for the status quo. As mayors, we can no longer afford the status quo as our schools starve, infrastructure fails, and residents lack quality employment opportunities,” said Trevor Elkins, Mayor of Newburgh Heights.

“We are supporting Senator Joe Schiavoni because he has done what no other candidate in the race for Ohio governor has done; he has outlined an array of sensible, practical, and achievable programs to restore opportunity for all of Ohio’s citizens.”

Senator Joe Schiavoni has fought for years at the Statehouse to restore local government funds and make targeted investments into Ohio communities.

The current administration has gutted funding traditionally reserved for local governments in order to fund massive tax loopholes for wealthy corporations.

The cuts force Ohio schools and communities to beg residents to pass levies to keep them afloat.

“Children should always come before tax breaks for the wealthy. As Governor, I will fight for state budgets that fund education and local governments properly,” said Senator Schiavoni.

“I will also work with local leaders to find out what they actually want. The needs in Cuyahoga County are wildly different from the needs in Columbus. I don’t write a bill without talking to people on the ground, and I won’t lead try to lead Ohio without building relationships with elected officials in each community.”

“I’m honored to have the support of these dedicated Ohio mayors.”

Learn more about Joe’s plans for Ohio here.