Environment & Energy

Ohio needs to focus on diversifying our energy portfolio with emerging technologies such as wind, solar, and energy efficiency. Joe Schiavoni is working to protect our natural resources while creating new jobs for Ohio residents.

In order to move our state forward, Ohio needs to focus on diversifying our energy portfolio and supporting emerging technologies such as wind, solar, and energy efficiency.

These growing industries will help protect Ohio’s environment while also creating long-term tech and labor jobs for our residents.

Joe fought hard in the Statehouse to restore Ohio’s clean energy standards, which are under constant attack by the majority party. Ohio needs these standards to protect our environment and encourage clean energy and tech companies to invest in our state.

Joe has also introduced bills to invest in green infrastructure and new water projects, both of which would create jobs for Ohio workers.

Joe is strongly opposed drilling in areas such our state parks, which should be protected for use by future generations. He has introduced amendments to protect these areas. He has also fought for years for a bill to increase penalties for people who dump brine (a byproduct of drilling) into waterways.

Joe realizes that drilling is a reality in Ohio, so we need to do it properly. With reasonable regulation, greater transparency, and reinvestment into local communities, responsible drilling can provide good jobs in areas of the state that desperately need them. Joe has fought to protect homes and residents from drilling, as well as for increased regulations surrounding its use.

In order to support responsible drilling, we must address real concerns about drilling waste disposal in order to protect our water supply.

As governor, Joe will work to encourage clean energy and properly regulate the existing oil and gas industry to provide a clean environment for future generations and jobs for today’s workers.