Ohio's next governor needs to push Congress to reform our immigration system NOW in a way that treats human beings with dignity and respect.

Immigration Reform

Ohio’s next governor needs to push Congress to reform our immigration system now, in a way that treats human beings with dignity and respect.

Our current system is broken. Amer “Al” Adi Othman, who was recently deported from Joe’s hometown of Youngstown, is a perfect example.

Al was a contributing member of Joe’s community. He built businesses in Youngstown and helped rebuild the downtown area. He employed Ohio residents and paid his taxes.

Al was well respected and has played a major role in the revitalization of downtown Youngstown. He is exactly the sort of person we should want living in our communities.

But despite years of attempts to regain his legal US status, Al was taken from his family without warning, thrown in jail, held there for days without explanation, and eventually torn from his family to be sent to a place he no longer knows.

Something needs to change.

(Joe speaks at a rally demanding the release of Al Adi from the NE Ohio Correctional Facility in Youngstown. Credit: Nikos Frazier, Youngstown Vindicator)

As Governor, Joe would use his voice and his platform to call for reform.

Renew DACA

Joe has also been honored to spend time recently with DACA recipients in Columbus. These Dreamers were brought to the US when they were small children. This is the only home they know.

Due to Congress’ current failure to renew DACA, these young people face uncertainties on a daily basis. They are afraid to pursue additional degrees, buy a home, or accept their dream job because they don’t know what their future holds.

It’s time for Congress to renew DACA and allow these young people to continue contributing to our communities.

A Stronger Ohio

Overall, Ohio should welcome those who want to live and contribute and thrive here. As governor, Joe would push the state legislature to strengthen laws surrounding workplace and housing discrimination, as well as hate crimes and targeted harassment.

Joe believes in leading by example. He doesn’t just go into a community once and then expect a vote. Joe builds real relationships that last.

Leaders can accomplish so much by actually spending time in different communities, meeting with people of all religions, cultures, and backgrounds, and making sure each community has a voice in policymaking.

Ohio’s next governor must bring every community to the table to ask people what they need. That way, we know we’re creating policy that makes sense for the people who will be impacted by it.

That’s how Joe operates as a senator, so you know it’s how he would act as governor.