Revitalizing Ohio Cities

Fund local governments properly. Rebuild Ohio cities. Clean up brownfields and blight to make Ohio build-ready.


In recent years, Ohio’s GOP majority has taken money meant for local governments and used it to patch state budget holes.

Because of this, our local governments have been left drastically underfunded and forced to ask residents for more and more money in ballot levies.  Many cities have been forced to make significant cuts to critical services like police and fire.

This is not a sustainable practice. We cannot continue to shortchange our communities in order to fund tax cuts and tax loopholes for wealthy corporations. We need to fund local governments properly in order to invest in our residents and our future.


As Senator, Joe has pushed several bills to remove blight and restore Ohio’s urban areas. As governor, he would push for a similar plan that:

  • Combats urban blight by creating a 5-year property tax exemption for the increased value of a distressed residential or commercial property that is remodeled within the rst year of ownership.
  • Invests $50 million per year into infrastructure for local governments to repair roads and bridges based on the most urgent need.
  • Invests $50 million in public transit per year to help keep Ohioans working and self-su cient.
  • Creates a Neighborhood Assistance Program to promote community collaborations among residents, nonprfits and businesses to improve distressed neighborhoods.


Too many businesses come to Ohio looking to expand and nd brown elds and abandoned areas that need extensive cleanup before any progress can take place. We need to clean up these areas and make Ohio build-ready so businesses can come in and get to work creating jobs.

Joe has introduced the following two bills on this subject and would strongly encourage and support similar legislative e orts as governor:

  • Bill #1: Allows community organizations to x up/improve abandoned land.
    • Allows people to enter abandoned land pursuant to a permit without risk of punishment for trespassing.
    • Shields property owners from liability when a person enters or remains on the land in order to improve it.
    • Provides that the person who enters or remains on the land in order to improve it is not entitled to reimbursement unless the property owner agrees.
  • Bill #2: Allows proceeds from urban renewal bonds to be used to demolish blighted buildings on tax-delinquent property. The property does not need to be situated in a designated urban renewal area.