Joe Schiavoni Calls on AG Mike DeWine to Take Action After House Speaker’s Resignation

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Message from Senator Joe Schiavoni:

Last night, Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger announced that he would be resigning immediately. He has been getting pressure to resign since we learned he is likely being investigated by the FBI.

So where is Attorney General Mike DeWine? We can’t just let this be swept under the rug like previous state scandals. He has to do better this time.

AG DeWine has dropped the ball on several major issues since I’ve been in the Statehouse.

He failed to investigate for-profit charter school corruption, letting bad actors like ECOT take $80 million unearned dollars from our education fund every year.

And he failed to take any significant action on the opioid crisis while thousands died.

I’ve heard AG DeWine say on multiple occasions that “adults need to be held accountable.” Now the scandal is happening at the Statehouse, and AG DeWine thinks it’s ok to make a casual personal phone call to the House Speaker several days early and tell him to resign?

That is not professional, and it’s not an investigation.

Adults need to be held accountable. Attorney General DeWine needs to finally start doing his job and assist in the FBI’s investigation to find out what has been going on and who else was involved. 

We can’t allow this to be swept under the rug like we see so often in politics. Ohio taxpayers expect a lot more than a phone call.