Joe Schiavoni Earns Moms Demand “Gun Sense Candidate” Distinction

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COLUMBUS – Today, Senator Joe Schiavoni, candidate for Ohio Governor, was honored to receive the Moms Demand Action “Gun Sense Candidate” distinction.

Moms Demand is a nonpartisan, grassroots movement founded in 2012 after 20 young children and six adults were shot to death in Newtown, Connecticut.

“Most Ohioans understand that you can support the Second Amendment while also taking basic measures to keep our kids alive. It’s way past time for state leaders to act,” said Senator Schiavoni.

“I’ve got a real plan that will help prevent these tragedies. Every life saved is worth the fight.”

After a recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Joe Schiavoni laid out a detailed plan to help address gun violence in Ohio.

His plan tackles the issue from several different angles, including school safety, access to mental health resources, background checks without loopholes, and basic regulations for firearms.

And Joe is not waiting until he’s Governor to take action. He has already been working to implement pieces of his plan.

He has reintroduced his bill to fund safety measures in Ohio schools, and is introducing a “red flag bill” with Senator Sandra Williams on Wednesday. This bill would allow a court to temporarily remove firearms from someone deemed to be an imminent danger to themselves or others.

Joe Schiavoni has also pledged not to take any money from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Like Joe, “Moms Demand Action supports the 2nd Amendment, but believes common-sense solutions can help decrease the escalating epidemic of gun violence that kills too many of our children and loved ones every day.”