Schiavoni-Dodd: A New Generation of Leadership for Ohio

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The Democratic field for Ohio governor has grown smaller over the past few weeks. Some highly qualified candidates have abandoned their races in a challenging primary.

Mayor Nan Whaley, for example, is a good person who ran an energetic campaign. Her candidacy was inspiring to young people, women, and voters across the state. I consider her a friend. That’s why it’s extremely disappointing to see her endorse the “anointed” ticket.

This approach is why Democrats have been losing.

Stephanie and I are not in this for our careers – we’re in it to make life better for Ohio families. That means we can’t be bought or pressured into taking the easy path.

The reality is that Rich Cordray can’t win back voters we lost in 2016. He hasn’t been in Ohio, and people will see he doesn’t have any real plans for our state. You can see my policies and plans right here.

So we’re going to make our case to Ohio voters instead. They should decide what’s best for their state.

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