Joe Schiavoni Reacts to Report that Youngstown Schools Paid a Firm Connected to CEO

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YOUNGSTOWN – Today, Senator Joe Schiavoni, candidate for Ohio governor, released the following statement following the Youngstown Vindicator’s troubling report that “the Youngstown City School District contracted with a company that is a partner of a firm for which CEO Krish Mohip was a paid consultant.”

“This is one of many negative outcomes we predicted when Governor Kasich gave an unelected CEO total control over Youngstown Schools. We have no way of stopping these CEOs from doing favors for corporations that helped them in the past. But the real problem is bigger than one situation or even one dangerous law.

“Bottom line: When profit becomes part of the equation, the focus becomes money instead of education. And it’s the kids who suffer every single time. We’re seeing the same issues at for-profit charter schools like ECOT. They have used every loophole possible to increase profits for themselves and their contracted companies, which often means offering only the bare minimum in the classroom. 

“You can’t provide the best tools for a bright future when your motive is money. We have to readjust Ohio’s priorities and refocus on educating our kids.”

Joe was an active and outspoken opponent against HB 70, which was rewritten in secret to give an unelected CEO total control over struggling school districts. Statehouse Republicans rushed HB 70 through the Senate in one day, forcing Joe to “race to the Capital in the night” to try and stop its passage.

Joe has also been a longtime advocate for education and charter school reform. His ongoing fight to reform online charter schools has led to increased pressure on the legislature to take action to protect students and taxpayer dollars.