Joe Schiavoni Working to Address Lordstown Layoffs

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LORDSTOWN – Today, Senator Joe Schiavoni, candidate for Ohio Governor, outlined his plan to help families impacted by layoffs at the General Motors plant in Lordstown. Up to 1,500 layoffs are expected as nationwide demand for vehicles like the Chevrolet Cruze declines.

“When we lose jobs in Ohio, it’s crushing for the entire surrounding community. We can’t control the markets or demand for these cars, but we can work to help impacted families get back on their feet,” said Senator Schiavoni.

“We have the money to do it. There’s over $2 billion in a ‘rainy day’ emergency fund in Columbus. Legislators just need to commit to investing in our people. It’s happening in The Valley today, but it could happen in their districts tomorrow.”

Senator Schiavoni is proposing a retraining and in-state relocation program for workers who are laid off in similar circumstances throughout the state. He is working on a bill to create a fund and a structure for such a program.

“As Ohio adjusts to a changing national economy, we need to be set up to catch people when they fall,” Senator Schiavoni continued.

“These workers did nothing wrong. They need opportunities to stay and thrive in Ohio. It’s our job as legislators to make that possible.”