Schiavoni Calls on AG DeWine to Stop Playing Politics, Testify for Bill to Fight Opioid Crisis

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BOARDMAN – Today, Senator Joe Schiavoni, candidate for Ohio governor, called on Attorney General Mike DeWine to help move his opioid crisis bill – SB 154 – through the Ohio Legislature. AG DeWine has publicly stated (10:15) that SB 154 is valid, and recently unveiled a very similar plan as his own. However, the Attorney General has failed to take any action to support the bill he agrees would help fight this ongoing crisis.

“This is getting ridiculous. The drug crisis has taken over 17,000 Ohioans’ lives since 2010 and costs the state up to $8.8 billion every yearI have a bill that would help fight this crisis right now – but AG DeWine would rather use it as talking points than help make it a reality?” asked Senator Schiavoni. “The Attorney General needs to stop the politics and help move legislation that he knows will save lives.”

In May of 2017, Senator Joe Schiavoni introduced a comprehensive bill in the Ohio Senate to combat Ohio’s opioid crisis from every angle. The bill would be funded using just 10% of the state’s rainy day emergency fund.

Attorney General DeWine said at the time (10:15) that Joe’s bill would be “a valid use” of Ohio’s emergency fund, and agreed he would also use the fund to battle this epidemic. Yet he did not come forward to testify for the bill or help encourage it in any way.

This week, AG DeWine introduced a similar opioid plan and labeled himself the only candidate for governor with a plan. AG DeWine also noted that his plan is “just ideas” and that the legislature would need to pass something in order to have any real impact.

“It’s clear that AG DeWine supports my bill. He has introduced big portions of it as his own plan. There is no reason why he wouldn’t help move SB 154 forward in the Statehouse and actually help us make a difference,” continued Senator Schiavoni. “Come testify for SB 154, encourage the Republican majority to give it hearings, do something. People are dying. Let’s work together to save lives instead of playing politics.”