Schiavoni Calls On ODOT To Explain Purchase Of New Trucks

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Columbus—Today, State Senator Joe Schiavoni (D-Boardman) sent a letter to the Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation requesting information about ODOT’s pending purchase of new trucks.

According to United Auto Workers Local 402, ODOT awarded a contract to purchase 144 trucks to a North Carolina manufacturer over a firm that would have built the vehicles in Ohio.

“I am deeply troubled by this news and concerned about the impact it will have on good-paying Ohio manufacturing jobs and our communities,” said Senator Schiavoni.

Based on the UAW estimates, the contract could be worth approximately $14 million, with only $600 per truck separating the two bids. Senator Schiavoni wrote to Director Jerry Wray seeking clarification on the bidding process.

“The state’s procurement process speaks volumes about our priorities–whether we choose to ensure that Ohio’s competitive, quality products have a market in their own state or choose nominal monetary savings that will negatively affect our workers and communities,” said Senator Schiavoni.

UAW Local 402 represents over 1,600 employees at a truck-manufacturing plant in Springfield, OH.