State Senator Joe Schiavoni visits CHS

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Canfield High School’s student-run newspaper, “The Cardinal,” organized a live town hall event and invited democratic candidate for Ohio governor Joe Schiavoni to participate at the school on April 7. Schiavoni, who is currently the minority leader in the Ohio State Senate, announced his candidacy on March 1 of this year.

Sophomore Vincent Patierno moderated the town-hall event, with students and teachers having the opportunity to ask questions on topics of their concern. The questions were structured around education-based issues and other matters concerning the state of Ohio.

Patierno welcomed Sen. Schiavoni, students and staff to the event.

“Good afternoon. We welcome Senator Schiavoni here today and all students, teachers, administrators and our news team. We are very happy to be able to conduct this live town hall event,” Patierno said.

Patierno started by asking Schiavoni why students should be interested at this time in their lives.

“The future job market is dictated by policies that are being drafted now. I think students need to think about what matters now and what matters in the future,” Schiavoni said.

Throughout the town hall event, Patierno covered many topics with Schiavoni, including state standardized testing and what the testing atmosphere would be like under a Schiavoni administration and House Bill 610, which deals with school choice for federal funding for schools.

Patierno asked Schiavoni what he would do to fix the school system.

“I think we need to have accountability and transparency for all schools. We are making progress with that in the Senate. I do believe we need accountability and transparency for charter schools too,” Schiavoni said.

Patierno continued with such topics as public education funding in Ohio; assisting in the cost of college for students; the state’s heroin crisis, job creation and environmental challenges Ohio is facing.

Patierno then opened the floor to audience members to ask questions. A majority of the questions dealt with the drug crisis in Ohio and state testing. Schiavoni was also asked his thoughts on why the county was so politically divided.

To end the town hall, Patierno lightened it up a bit and asked Schiavoni what he likes to do for fun, his favorite TV show and one thing people might not know about him.

“Well, the one thing people might not know about me is that I boxed in Golden Gloves in high school,” Schiavoni answered.

Patierno wrapped up the session by thanking Schiavoni for participating in the event.

“Thank you for being here with us today. We appreciate your time,” Patierno said.


Originally published on The Vindicator.