Stephanie Dodd Calls on Licking Co. Commissioners to Light the Courthouse in Recognition of LGBTQ Pride

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LICKING COUNTY – Today, Stephanie Dodd, elected member of Ohio’s State Board of Education and candidate for Ohio Lt. Governor, called on the Licking County Commissioners to light the courthouse in recognition of LGBTQ Pride and issue an apology to impacted residents. Stephanie is a current resident of Licking County.

“The newly-renovated Licking County Courthouse is a special place for residents. It’s visible from miles away for those approaching Newark, which is a reflection of the generations of all Licking Countians who have called this place home.

“Newark City Councilman Sean Fennell recently made a simple request of the Licking County Commissioners to recognize LGBTQ Pride Week through a courthouse lighting. The courthouse belongs to the LGBTQ community like it does anyone else.

“The Commissioners shamefully chose to substitute their own bigoted views for what was best for Licking County and then tried to duck what they had perpetrated.

“Licking County has tremendous attributes to market to, and attract, Ohioans who want to work, live and raise a family in a safe community with good schools and a strong infrastructure.

“However, our efforts to make ourselves attractive to others will be meaningless if we actively work to exclude people because of how they were born or whom they love.

“Licking County, and Ohio, cannot afford those who constantly want to live in the past and shun members of our community. We need to move forward and recognize that we are all valuable members of this community. Our common goal should be to move forward, together.

“I am calling on the Licking County Commissioners to light the courthouse in recognition of LGBTQ Pride annually and to issue an apology to Councilman Fennell and members of Licking County’s LGBTQ community.”